Sam & Louloute is in direct collaboration with manufacturers based in Worldwide (The United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Spain, China, Japan, South Korea etc.) which is how you benefit from quality products at the most competitive prices. Orders are directly dispatched by one or more of these companies if your order includes products from different suppliers. This is why, when ordering several products, you may not immediately receive the entire order.

The delivery time varies depending on the country of destination:

- Standard Delivery: 1 - 3 weeks

- Fast Delivery: 24-72 hours

- Express Delivery: 24-48 hours

In the case of absence when delivery is made, the package will either be left in your postbox or a delivery notification will be left and your order will be available the next working day at the nearest Post Office for a period of 15 days.

In cases where the package has not been collected within the 15 days allocated by the Post Office, no reimbursement or redelivery is possible.

However, if the package is damaged on arrival, this must be notified, or if it is not received within the deadlines indicated, Sam & Louloute invite you to inform us by email within 14 days at: Sam & Louloute will investigate your case by contacting the transport company, a process that may take several days. During this period, no reimbursement or redelivery can be undertaken. Once the investigation is complete, if the fault lies with the transporter or the manufacturer, your order will be replaced or reimbursed.


Please note that we are not responsible for the applicable duties, tariffs, and customs fees of standard International packages. All applicable duties, tariffs, and customs fees are the responsibility of the customer.